Fundamental Principles of PERMA Model For a Happy Life

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Our lives revolve around our work, family, and personal commitments. In this hassle, it is challenging to find time for oneself. And in this strive to make our lives better and accomplished, we forget an essential component, happiness. When someone asks how we are or what have we accomplished, we usually talk about our work achievements and plans. But think for a while, how often do you feel happy? Or tell others that you feel comfortable, and are living your best life?

There are a few components given by Martin Seligman, which assist in improving the well-being and achieving a life of happiness. These are just simple elements that you can apply in your life and observe them keenly in your personal, social, and professional connections. A simple guide will help you nurture your life with the PERMA model that lets you experience a sense of happiness, accomplishment, and well-being.

Positive psychology aims towards flourishing a life towards positive experiences; joy, love, and contentment, positive traits and states; compassion, resilience, and gratitude, and positive institutions; application of optimistic principles at the organization level.

The PERMA Model

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Seligman laid the foundation of the PERMA Model with five features which are crucial for the sense of well-being and happiness. We are in the pursuit of happiness, but here is a simple guide that we can apply them in our lives for our goals.

It is one of the most widespread and influential models that can lead to fulfillment, happiness, and meaningful life. PERMA is an acronym for five components that define well-being in depth.

P – Positive Emotions

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It is not as done as it is said to seek positive emotions and so it alone cannot lead towards a booster to well-being. Enjoy and cherish moments in life, do what makes you contented, and find something useful in each of the moments in your day. Adopt habits and interests which make you feel lively and enthusiastic.

Practice smiling in your day while working and talking to your colleagues. Look towards the optimistic perspective in your past; it will drive you towards a contended present and a constructive future. It will help you in your work, relationships, and make your creative skills polish and allow you to take chances.

Your physical and mental health is connected to optimism, happiness, and well-being. Taking pleasure and enjoying the moments in life fulfills the survival needs; hunger, intimacy, thirst, and peaceful sleep: your intellectual creativity, aspiration, and stimulation drive from the positivity and emotional contentment in life.

E – Engagement

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Strive towards your engagement in hobbies, activities, and skills which boost your potentials. When you take out time for something that you are passionate about, it can do wonders for your health. It stimulates the release of ‘happy hormones.’

Your well-being is improved, and it lets you focus and live in the present moment. One can harmonize activities that allow you to find peace, calmness, focus, and joy.

R – Relationships

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Humans rely on their connections and relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. It is essential to have meaningful, positive, supportive, and comforting relationships. Family, friends, and significant others give your life a sense of satisfaction. We grow on these social connections and relationships that develop emotional, physical interaction, and stimulate love and affection.

The Western belief of “individuality” is unrealistic because as social animals, our primary need is of healthy and positive relationships.

Department of Applied Social Sciences, City University of Hong Kong, in their research, proposed that when humans are fearful of isolation, it leads to activation of pain centers in the brain. Our neurological functioning is at optimum levels when we connect with people and where we feel safe and loved.

M – Meaning

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The why and logic of the existence of oneself and this world drives towards spirituality and religion. It provides a reason and meaning to a life where one works towards raising their children, expresses oneself, and volunteers towards a cause.

Media have worshipped material wealth and glamour, and it has an impact on the people. In the fulfillment of our worldly desires, we tend to forget that money is for basic needs, and it doesn’t give happiness. Overworking for cash can lead to a compromise of health, happiness, and well-being.

A – Accomplishment

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Seligman proposed that it is essential to focus on your goals, activities, and success to make each day better. But it is not to be done at the cost of missing out on the essential components in life; happiness, health, and well-being.

Ambitions and goals let us work for things that we value in our lives and setting realistic goals give a sense of satisfaction. When you can live up to your goals and expectations, you feel a sense of pride. It will lead towards a drive to flourish and prosper.


The PERMA model is a guide to help and guide that well-being and happiness are not just feelings. Rather its connection to physical and mental health is crucial. When you take care of yourself, take control of your lives, emotions, and feelings, we feel peaceful and assertive.

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