How to Keep Your Children Safe From Coronavirus at Schools

Children wearing masks to protect themselves from Coronavirus

People across the globe have been struck in their homes since the start of the current year due to the pandemic. More than 200 countries have faced the consequences of coronavirus, in terms of millions of sick people and deaths, with serious effects on the healthcare system and the economy.

While some countries have been able to control the spread of coronavirus to some extent, others are still struggling. Therefore, schools are being opened in some countries, and there are challenges for parents.

They are eager to send their children to schools as there is much loss of studies due to lockdown. They are also afraid of coronavirus.

Here are some instructions for parents to keep their children healthy and safe from coronavirus in schools.

1. Ask Them to Wear a Mask in School

It is safe to wear a mask to stay healthy from coronavirus as it spreads in droplets of the affected person. Teach your children to wear a mask in class and while having a conversation with others from a distance, no less than 6 feet. Coronavirus spreads in the air while coughing and sneezing. Care is the only way to avoid the spread of infection.

2. Direct Them to Wash Hands Again and Again

Coronavirus affects the people through touching an infected surface used commonly, like a doorknob, table, chair, and utensils around the home. Tell your children to wash their hands often with handwash, soap, or sanitizer to avoid the germs.

3. Use Tissue or Handkerchief While Coughing and Sneezing

An affected person can transfer coronavirus to others when he sneezes or coughs. Therefore train your child to use tissue or handkerchief while coughing or sneezing so that others could be safe from disease.

4. Teach Them to Have Social Distance

Social distance is the best way to keep your children healthy from coronavirus. Ask them to have proper social distance with their classmates during the class and outside of the classroom.

5. Give Them a Tiffin Box

It is necessary to send children with a lunch box as they feel low energy during break time. Always give a tiffin box to your children so that they can avoid contaminated food from the school canteen and they could be healthy.

6. Instruct Them to Stay Hydrated

Drinking water and keep the throat moisture is good to be healthy. Send your child with a water bottle so that he may be hydrated during school time. It is not safe to share the water bottle with others.

7. Send Them With Safety Kit

Make a safety kit for your child consisting of gloves, face mask, hand sanitizer, tissues, and hand wash or soap. Children should have these things during school times so they can use them to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

8. Make Them Realize That Homemade Food is Safe

Children like fast food and love to buy from the school cafe. The affected person might prepare that food, or it might be contaminated with germs. Insist your child have homemade food because it is safe for them. Make delicious and nutritious foods for your children, and make sure to add fruits in their lunch.

9. Forbid Them to Touch Nose and Eyes

Germs transfer by hand to the nose, mouth, and eyes of another affected person. It is common to have touched the excessively used surfaces like doorknob and table, chair, etc. Tell your children not to touch their nose and eyes and wash their hands whenever it is possible.

10. Stay Away From the Sick Children

Children love playing with their friends and peer groups, and the long break of social distance has made them feel isolated. They want to go back to their schools to meet, play, and cherish moments with their friends.

However, parents should educate them regarding the causes and spread of coronavirus, and the effects of the virus on the human population. Guide them to practice social distancing, especially from the children who display symptoms of coronavirus.

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