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Editorial Guidelines

Hi there,

I am Hamna Ayub, the Chief Editor of the website Health Archives https://healtharchives.org/. This is the website that you will be writing for in the coming days.

I request you to read all the following details carefully and follow the directions. These are basic requirements for your portfolio as a writer and team member of the website. (Don’t worry these are pretty easy steps and all your queries will be answered)

  • Health Archives is a website that focuses on health news and health updates around the globe. We got approved by Google News and now each article that we write gets featured on Google News. You can find us on Google News here.
  • Our sole purpose is to help writers build a portfolio of their own, so when they put up an effort to write and take out time we provide them with credit.
  • The basic drive is passion for writing about health. We assure that each of your articles will be published with your name and for that there are basic prerequisites. I will get to that in a while
  • You will receive feedback on each of your written content and you will have freedom to choose the topic, however you will need to share the title and details before writing, so I can guide you regarding the concept and writing

Portfolio and Writer Details

To build your portfolio and add you in the team we require some details from you.

  • Your writer profile will be made on the website so that you are officially a part of the team
  • For that, you will have to make an account on Gravatar https://en.gravatar.com/. Login with your email ID, username, and make a password. After that you will receive an email to confirm/verify your account. When you do that, open your profile on Gravatar and upload a good-quality image of yourself on the profile. The picture will be added on your WordPress account on Health Archives.
  • Email me your contact details, mobile number, and social media links of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Personal website, Linked In, blog, or any accounts/ website that you want to add in the profile
  • Share an attractive bio of yourself, that states your ideas, interests, hobbies, passion or anything. You don’t need to write long lines, even a few words that describe you and are catchy are good.
  • Share your availability, time, and duration along with your interests in health (we welcome all quality content on health)

Google News

  • You will write on Google Docs https://docs.google.com/ and then share the link with me. If you do not know how to write here or have difficulty sharing the link, contact me beforehand. Google docs is preferred because it automatically saves the content every other second, so the chance of losing/deleting content is very low.
  • Google News requires that we publish quality News every single day, and it can be two to four news in a day. You can visit the website to understand how News is written, because it is different from the regular evergreen content. Moreover, you are welcome to write News, however, if I ask you to write a news then it has to be completed that day,to be published the same day (If you are willing to write Health News)
  • The health news requires a good headline, statement of facts, and usually it is approximately 300 to 500 words. You can not give personal opinion in the News.
  • Health News is published daily so when you write, you will share the Google Docs link with me, and then I will do the SEO and publish.

Evergreen Content

  • For the evergreen content we do not give the writer a word count. The only demand is that the writer completes the topic properly without missing on details.
  • The topics for evergreen content are not assigned to a writer, so you can write on a variety of topics as per your choice. However, sometime if there is a good topic we might request you to cover it
  • We do not burden and stress the writers with deadlines and time restrictions. Our demand is Quality over Quantity. Even if you give two outclass articles in a week, we appreciate that, instead of making you write 1000’s of words daily.
  • We demand that the writers do a thorough research on the relevant topic, instead of taking material/ content from only one website. Please make sure that you research and read in detail about the topic.
  • Plagiarism and grammar mistakes are not welcomed, neither the tools that claim to remove plagiarism. I recommend that you download the free version of Grammarly for your improvement. Sentence structure should be good.

Basics of Writing

  • When you write, engage your audience from the very first line. Write short paragraphs of maximum 4-5 lines. Build a connection in your writing. You terminology should not be pushing the audience, rather it should have some empathy with giving them important and information
  • When you write, take a small break and then re-read your content, you might find a few mistakes, correct them and then you are good to go.
  • Use American English, for instance in American English the word is ‘behavior’ and ‘odor’ and in British it is ‘behaviour’ and ‘odour.’
  • Use of abbreviation, slang, and short forms is not acceptable. You can’t write ‘important’ and ‘imp’. Abbreviation for a company or disease etc can only be used if you have written the complete form in the starting of the article.
  • When you talk about a research/ study in your article or quote a scientist, researcher, or any authority/ company, share the link of that place/ person when you send the article. In the end of the article, copy the links of the research/ or associate person.


  • We use free images for the website from Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay. Search for the relevant image to the topic from these platforms, copy the link and paste in the Google Docs file. Try to choose an image that is in landscape form, rather than portrait one.


So now you question what will you get for writing and why should you?

  • We provide freedom and credit to our writers, and this is not like the relationship of an employer and an employee. Where I or Abdullah only get to order and you have to follow, there is nothing like that.
  • I mentioned in my Facebook post that the task is not paid, because the website is in its initial stages and we are building a team. I assure you that we are also not earning by getting to you to write for us. We are working on the website content and its ranking.
  • You are a part of OUR TEAM, and all your ideas are always welcome.
  • You will receive feedback on each of your posts and we will help you to grow as a writer, and encourage you every step of the way.
  • We will also help you and train you to do SEO, keyword research, social media management, and anything that you are willing to learn. We are taking one step at a time and would appreciate your presence on the TEAM.

You can ask me any questions that you have and anything that you find difficult to understand. Awaiting your positive response.


Health Archives

Hamna Ayub

Chief Editor